Business Succession Counselling

Business Succession – jumping a difficult hurdle

Experts report that within the next decade, around a third of small to medium businesses will be facing the difficult process of business succession. To ensure the continued success of your business, it is one of the most important management tasks to consider this difficult question as early as possible, and to take appropriate preparatory action.

At artistid, we offer a comprehensive counselling service, which takes into account the complex personal aspects which play a role for both parties – the successor, as well as his predecessor.

In addition to our extensive experience, you will also benefit from our network of expert lawyers and public accountants.

Our approach to business succession:

  • Profound analysis of the current situation
  • Drafting a profile of an ideal successor
  • If desired, help with finding the right successor (within the family/organisation or externally)
  • Implementation advice and planning of individual actions
  • Managing the succession process, together with the appropriate specialists
  • Advising the successor

Succession without drama – Mag. Erwin Schmidt is looking forward to your enquiry!