Alexander Gregor Egg, MA MBA BSc

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Alexander Gregor Egg, MA MBA BSc

Alexander Gregor Egg, MA MBA BSc | M +43 660 619 51 83

„Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.“ – Abraham Lincoln

Forming clear, smart goals and following a systematic approach are crucial for the success of a business – finding and selecting the right candidates.

Prior to starting my search for a candidate, one of the most essential aspects is that I get to know your business in terms of its unique culture, philosophy an values. This way helps me to find out what a candidate needs to bring to the company both professionally and personally. And let us move on with focused power and engagement aiming the right goal.

In working with clients and candidates, I put an emphasis on trust, openness and mutual respect. A trustful relationship is the basis for a straightforward, in-depth advice and the key for finding candidates who match these criteria optimally.

It’s my goal to turn clients into loyal business partners and candidates into valuable employees.

Search and Selection, Executive Search, Interim Management, Career Coaching, Career Guidance
Areas of expertise: industry, retail, IT, consulting

Bachelor of Science in media technologies and -design, awarded by university of applied sciences Hagenberg
Master of Arts in Business, emphasis in service and sales, awarded by university of applied sciences Salzburg
Master of Business Administration, MBA in General Management
Extensive professional and management experience in small and medium-sized companies as well as in international company groups (retail, industry, consulting and IT).


Andrea Hofstädter

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Foto von Andrea Hofstädter

Andrea Hofstädter | T +43 1 869 96 56 – 11

The aristid recruitment team made it their business to support corporations with a carful employee selection. By doing this they can hark back to a longtime experience in management. I am pleased to assist the team as their right hand in order to cope with this challenging task.

Mag. Angelika Heidinger

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Mag. Angelika Heidinger

Mag. Angelika Heidinger | M +43 676 400 04 40

Making the possible also probable.

Life always leaves us room to maneuver and develop. This results in new priorities, directions are corrected, ideas tried. Once you know what changes you want to initiate, you are able to make all conceivable resources afloat again. I support you in  pursuing new opportunities to develop the best possible solutions for your concerns and to open up new perspectives and options for action. Coaching is goal-oriented, solution-oriented, and resource-oriented. The approach is holistic, as changes and actions affect life goals as well as health.

Studied Psychology with focus on economic, industrial and organizational psychology,
NLP Master, Mediator.
Extensive experience in personnel development and recruiting.
Since 2011 self-employed as an industrial psychologist.


DI Norbert Kaliba

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DI Norbert Kaliba

DI Norbert Kaliba | M +43 664 610 29 01

Quality means creating a long-term cooperation from a contract

My goal as a personnel consultant is to create a “win-win” situation.

How does it work?

Together with my client, we will work out the expected professional and social skills of the future employee on site (if desired/this is also possible also in discussion with future colleagues). In order to work efficiently, no questions should be left open between the client and the consultant.

It is equally important to clarify the wishes, expectations and requirements of the eligible candidates for the future employer (career development, corporate culture, etc.).

Only with the greatest possible matching of mutual requirements will a candidate be presented and thereby my goal of a “win-win” situation achievable.

Search and Selection, Executive Search, Interim and Change Management, Strategy Development

  • HTL machine, motors and automobile construction in Steyr
  • Studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna
  • Extensive management experience as plant and operations manager in the automotive sector (MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, Rheinmetall, Wackerneuson)
  • Lecturer at the (University of Applied Sciences) Campus Vienna for personnel management and strategic management
  • Advanced training, among others, in Tokyo and Oxford

Consultancy expertise:  Manufacturing companies, engineering, logistics, consulting companies

DI Gustav Kichler, MBA

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DI Gustav Kichler, MBA

DI Gustav Kichler, MBA | T +43 699 1 39 09 554

We know the people behind your success!

No matter how hard you work to retain your best team members – sometimes, there is little you can do to prevent them from leaving for pastures new.

Due to several years of experience working at the top level of management in international companies, I know just what it takes to build lasting relationships with your top employees. Apart from professional qualifications, it is important to consider the match between the unique culture and philosophy of your business, and that of a prospective team member. To me, excellent human resources management not only helps you find, but also retain top talent in the long term.

Search&Solution, Executive Search, Distributer Search and management counselling: Distribution, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Intercultural Management
Areas of Expertise: Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biomedical Technology/Engineering, Health Science, Health Care Professionals, Biotechnology, Food Industry
Partner at Consenzum Management Counselling

Mag. Otto Kupsa

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Mag. Otto Kupsa

Mag. Otto Kupsa | M +43 660 315 82 85

Your team – the most valuable resource there is…

At artistid, we strive to make sure your business continues to be a success and manages to stay ahead of the competition by working on the continued development of your team. My personal contribution to this important process lies in the areas of Search&Selection, Coaching and Consulting and Outplacement Services. I have many years of experience working at the top level of management in international companies, and am therefore ideally placed to provide assistance and advice regarding international human resources development, from attracting expatriate candidates and complex change management through to business development, restructuring and international project management with a focus on the CEE area and Asia Pacific.

Degree in Business Management and Administration, awarded by the University of Graz
Manager, Siemens Business Services Styria
Senior Vice President for supply change management at AT&S
AT&S Foundry Services Manager

Mag. Alexander Moser

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Mag. Alexander Moser

Mag. Alexander Moser | M +43 664 965 62 75

Years of experience at the top level of management and in human resources– both nationally and internationally – as well as an individually tailored approach lie at the heart of my counselling services.

On the one hand, I provide professional assistance throughout the Search and Selection process, with a view to finding the very best candidates for your business. On the other hand, I also provide assistance and support for a wide range of human resources topics and questions.

One of the most important aspects in this process is to for me to get to know your business in terms of its unique structure, culture and philosophy. This way, I can provide candidates who match these specific requirements in every sense, and can provide in-depth, straightforward advice for any questions you may have.

It is my goal to forge lasting relationships with my clients, which are built on mutual trust.

Law degree
23 years of experience in human resources, including 7 years in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Food Industries, 9 years as Head Legal Counsellor with focus employment legislation at Magna Europe, as Human Resources Manager for several Magna branches in Austria, and as Human Resources Director Europe/Asia at Magna Powertrain, 7 years as Vice President of HR at Sandvik Mining Systems including responsibilities at international level

Mag. Georg Poremba

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Mag. Georg Poremba

Mag. Georg Poremba | M +43 699 182 459 92

Continued success through ideally matching jobs and people

The recruitment process often demands serious commitment in terms of time and costs, and can swallow up a huge amount of resources.

By providing qualified advice, I can help you ease the strain this process can put on your business.

Through offering a qualified, effective interface between your business and the labour market, I will support you throughout the entire recruitment and hiring process.

Search & Selection, Direct Search, Compensation & Benefits, Strategic Human Resources Development, Change Management
Areas of Expertise: Production, Trade, Services and Insurance Industry

MPhil Export sales management
Several years of experience at the top level of management nationally and internationally (CEE – Poland, GUS)

Mag. Erwin Schmidt

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Mag. Erwin Schmidt

Mag. Erwin Schmidt | T +43 1 869 96 56 – 55 | M +43 664 207 88 90

Because the people you hire shape your success…

Years of experience in industry provide the basis for my extensive expertise in the area of human resources. Initiative, expert knowledge and social competence are the driving force behind my success. In working with clients and candidates, I put an emphasis on openness and mutual respect. My interviews with potential candidates are conducted in an informal and dynamic way, always with a view to finding the best possible match for my clients.

The services I provide for my clients are crucial for the success of a business – finding and selecting the right candidates, as well as providing support for the continued professional development of the existing team. This has been the goal of the work we conduct at artistid from the very start, and we take pride in the extremely high standard and excellence we achieve.

Executive Search, Search and Selection, Interim Management, Outplacement
Areas of Expertise: Economic/Legal Counselling, Shipping, Transport and Logistics, Retail, Industry

Law degree, HR work since 1984, freelance HR advisor since 2001, regular guest lecturer at the Technical University of Graz and Technical Colleges in Graz and Kapfenberg

Mag. Franz Schuster

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Mag. Franz Schuster

Mag. Franz Schuster | T +43 1 869 96 56 – 66 | M +43 664 445 36 90

Your hiring decisions can make or break the success of your business – especially in economically challenging times. That’s why the recruitment process is of huge significance.

It is my mission to support you throughout the hiring process. My goal: Finding the candidates who best match the professional and personal requirements of the position, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Degree in Business Management and Administration and Business Education in Vienna and Innsbruck
Founder and CEO of a business in the tourism industry

Ing. Roman Spicl

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Portrait Roman Spicl

Ing. Roman Spicl | M +43 699 173 184 73

Every project presents a unique challenge!

Effective communication, attention to detail and mutual respect are among the most important factors when trying to find candidates whose professional and personal qualifications best match the unique spirit and requirements of your business. That’s why I emphasize the careful evaluation of your organisation’s specific needs!

To provide advice to someone implies providing support – for this reason, I do everything I can to ensure an efficient, focused search and selection process, always with a view to finding top talent that best matches the job description and your organisation. So all you need to do is lean back and relax – let us do the hard work, and help you succeed!

Search & Selection, Executive Search, systematic Coaching, career counselling, business advice services, change management, outplacement, project management
Areas of expertise: Health Science and Management, Pharma, Medical Technology, Biotechnology, Engineering

After attending technical college, I spent 25 years working at the top level of management in international pharmaceutical- and biotechnology companies, with a focus on Sales, Marketing and Engineering.
Certification in systemic coaching, with a special focus on Gender & Diversity

Why not visit my website , or my profiles on social media:

b994770776 logo-linkedin

DI Dr Paul Steiner

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DI Dr Paul Steiner

DI Dr Paul Steiner | M +43 676 90 60 875

“Not the strongest and smartest survive, …” – C. Darwin

This is also true for enterprises and their employees. Technical skills, competence and experience are key criteria – but that is not all! Most failures happen, because people can’t adapt to the new environment and can’t develop and fully deploy their key strengths.

I have seen that many times in my 30+ years international career. I therefore want to apply a holistic and comprehensive approach to executive search – one that equally incorporates social competence and the new environment along with technical qualifications and professional experience. This is the best way to find the most suitable people for the right job – that is how I want to help and work with my clients.

After graduating from the Leoben Mining University (Montanuniversität Leoben – DI, Dr.mont.) and The University of Michigan (MBA), I started my career with McKinsey, where I participated and managed projects with leading companies in the insurance, publishing, construction, real estate, automotive, metallurgical and manufacturing business. After that I founded and managed a successful consulting and software company in the oil services industry. In 1994 I moved to the Silicon Valley, where I worked with several Start-up and High-Tech companies (including 2 successful IPOs at NASDAQ) in leading management positions around the globe.

Ing. Simon Stummer

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Ing. Simon Stummer

Ing. Simon Stummer | M +43 676 961 08 06

When in doubt – do what’s right for you!

Due to many years of experience working at the top level of management, I know exactly what my clients are looking for. With your cooperation, we will work to develop a detailed profile of your ideal candidate – following this, I will conduct a detailed search and selection process, to find the very best match for each position you need to fill.

Take advantage of the extensive experience of artistid staff to make the right hiring decisions, every time, and avoid costly mistakes.

Search & Selection, Executive Search, Distribution and Business Development, Interim Management