Mag.a Karin Weiß

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Mag.a Karin Weiß | M +43 650 49 789 64

I’m taking time for you and your company

Who doesn’t know it? Actually, you should be filling a position, but day-to-day business and the extra work due to the vacant position don’t let you get around actually doing it. You ask yourself when, where and how you could ever find the employee you are looking for.

There is a solution: save time and energy by letting me do the search for you.

What you can expect from me:

I will be there when you need it
responsible and solution-oriented
well connected
professional support
competent candidates
qualified personalities that match the requirements of your profile

Communication is my passion. Personell consulting is my profession.
I look forward to meeting you!

I focus on the customers and their interests and needs. My many years of experience as an executive includes finding the right employees. My expertise in outplacement and as a coach and trainer  for leadership and communication complete my profile.

Academic Degree in Educational science and Ethnology (University of Vienna),
Course for human resource management,
Qualified in Team Supervision and Coaching as well as Mediation