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Psychological Assessment

Specific questions and developments in the recruitment process require the use of psychological assessments and tests. Mostly, these tests will be based on a mixture of questions which have been tailored to the specific requirements of a certain role, or a specific set of personal requirements. Skills can often be acquired – but personalities are, for the most part, set.

Targeted Assessments can help evaluate basic views, communication skills, potential and performance, intelligence and language comprehension. Add-on modules can also provide insights into job-specific areas, such as ability to cope with stressful working conditions, resilience, service and customer care skills and leadership potential.

How these tests are put together depends entirely on you and your requirements: feel free to request assessments tailored to your specific needs.

I cooperate with reputable partners in this field, who provide state-of-the-art computer based assessment protocols, which have been developed in accordance with quality control procedures.

Experience and an ability to judge situations and people cannot be replaced – but they can always be supplemented with the right test and assessment procedures.

Psychological tests provide fast insights into specific skills and personality traits, which can’t be reliably established in an interview situation. For this reason, they are an ideal way to ensure professionalism and quality control in the selection process.

Using these techniques in conjunction with psychological interviews, careful evaluation of application materials and a clear idea of requirements and the future working environment can significantly reduce the risk of making the wrong recruitment decision, and can help avoid the associated costs.

Prices are determined according to the complexity of the questions. They include the cost of the careful selection of test materials, setting up and administering tests, as well as analysis and communication of final results in the form of a report and recommendation.

Degree in Psychology with a special focus on Assessment and Selection Procedures
Assessment/Recruitment Counselling/Profiling
Consultant and legally certified Expert for Aviation Psychology
Mediator (BMJ)