Graphology – handwriting & personality

A thorough graphological analysis of a candidate’s handwriting is a tried-and-tested way of determining his/her suitability for a specific post. Due to similarities in terms of qualifications such as professional references and educational background, many employers have recently re-introduced graphology into their decision making process. Qualifications provide only one part of the picture – personal qualities like team spirit, conflict management skills, honesty and loyalty are just as important as professional qualifications.

By conducting an in-depth graphological analysis, we can evaluate the personality traits of applicants, and how well they match your organisation’s unique requirements. This way, we can help you avoid costs caused by sub-optimal hiring decisions. A person’s unique handwriting allows us to read between the lines, and is just as unique as a finger print. Our professionally trained, highly experienced in-house graphology expert can help you discover an applicant’s unique personality traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, it is not possible for an applicant to manipulate or otherwise interfere with this process.

Graphology offers insights into…

  • Personality (vitality, integrity, energy and general personality type)
  • Intellectual abilities (general abilities, decision making skills, planning and organisation, creativity)
  • Performance (stability, stamina, flexibility, resilience)
  • Social skills and competencies (establishing contacts, ability to work as part of a team, leadership skills, assertiveness)
  • Special skills and strengths (ability to work in an organised manner, attention to details)
  • Preferred working environment (technical or social specialisation, ability to work independently/as part of a team)
  • Ability to think independently and reasoning skills

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