Interim Management

Interim Management – Managing transitions

Maternity leave, a scarcity of qualified staff, a sudden vacancy at the top level, or simply a shortage of qualified staff due to extenuating circumstances – no matter the reason, at artistid we can help you fill the gap by providing an Interim Manager, without delay. He or she will take on the responsibility for specific projects, for a pre-agreed period of time.

In contrast to an external counsellor, the Interim Manager is fully integrated into your organisation. Should you require restructuring services, the Interim Manager will devise a detailed plan of necessary changes, and will be responsible for its implementation.

artistid has access to a pool of experienced Interim Managers, who are able to competently cover a wide range of functions and business areas. At the moment, we are able to temporarily fill up to 300 positions – a number that is steadily increasing.

Services & Added Value of our Interim Managers

  • Several years of management experience in decision-making roles
  • Extensive industry-specific expertise and experience
  • Experience handling crisis situations and restructuring processes
  • Objective attitude in staffing/business matters
  • High level of social competence
  • In most cases more than 20 years of experience in top level management and impressive careers
  • Expertise in a wide range of industries, positions and at all stages of business development
  • Active knowledge and experience of optimization processes
  • International experience as Expats and in CEE

We’ll manage for you! Erwin Schmidt and Simon Stummer are looking forward to your enquiries!