Outplacement – Parting ways without conflict

Outplacement involves providing professional support to existing team members during professional re-orientation, should this become necessary. This ensures that the detachment process is handled with the utmost sensitivity and care.

Outplacement services are becoming ever more sought after, particularly for top level staff – at artistid, we offer dedicated outplacement services, administered by our team of experts. Leave the hard part to us – we will provide individually tailored services for your team members throughout the re-orientation process.

At artistid, our approach consists of a mixture of state-of-the-art methods, including one-to-one coaching, psychological counselling, and active networking.

Typical Outplacement Process

Initial one-to-one interview

Individual profiling and evaluation of current position

Career coaching and career development services

Support preparing application materials

Application advice and coaching

Active support throughout the job-hunting process

Outplacement offers many advantages – for both parties involved.

…for businesses:

  • Reducing conflicts throughout the re-orientation process
  • Avoiding costly legal battles
  • Improving employer branding and positive impact on business branding
  • Avoiding damage to the image of your business
  • Working towards a socially sensitive business structure

…for employees:

  • Targeted and individually tailored professional development services to improve employability
  • Reducing fears through one-to-one coaching and career development planning
  • Dedicated application advice and help optimising self-marketing strategies
  • Active artistid networking support and advice
  • Support throughout the application process through our extensive network of contacts and advisors

Mag. Otto Kupsa is looking forward to your enquiry !