aristid connects
positions with ideal choices

Since 2003 we have stood for practical solutions and the courage to think differently. We are experienced companions, sparring partners, and motivators regarding ideal staffing solutions.

We work with people who know that the people who move a company are as unique as the company itself. And that the powerful resource for success always lies within the people themselves. In mutual trust, we combine long-term personal goals with your company’s future. That is our contribution to your success! This is what we understand by sustainability.

aristid connects
expertise with experience

Our independent partners go the extra mile for you. We have many contacts and reliable networks in many industries and fields. Since 2003, we have filled positions ranging from accountant to managing director, corporate lawyer to health science specialist, welding technologist to IT specialist. Our industry expertise ranges from “A” like automotive to “Z” like civil engineering – many of them with an international orientation. We are experienced professionals from the field, having worked for many years for large corporations and SMEs as managers or consultants in various industries. With regional strength, commitment, in-depth cross-sector knowledge, and empathy. All this makes up for our experience. We call it “maturity.”

aristid connects
relationships with consistency

What we value is mutual trust. Between you and us. Those who know us, know that many long-standing business relationships have turned into friendships this way.