aristid connects
individual strength with team spirit

Since 2003, we have filled positions in diverse industries from automotive to health care and medical technology to carpentry. In mutual trust, with regional strength, expertise and empathy.

What unites us is the vision of improving the world by combining the right person with the right career.

In short, we are a good blend of different people from diverse industries with many years of experience, heart, and attitude. Together we have the aristid team spirit and great passion for our work.


Mag. Alexander Moser

Mag. Franz Schuster

Office Management & Finance

Isabella Bogner-Schuster


Mag. Georg Poremba

Mag. Elisabeth Babnik

DI Gustav Kichler, MBA

Ing. Simon Stummer

Ing. Hansjörg Wastian

Mag. Otto Kupsa

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Kaliba

Ing. Michael Baumgartner, MBA