Career Coaching

Career coaching is usually aimed at private individuals. It can effectively support people in their current job, help in their professional development or even advance the idea of your professional reorientation.

What is career coaching?

The term is a bit misleading, because many people associate career with climbing the steep career ladder. We know that career is something very individual and that the decisive
resource for success always lies in the people themselves. The goal does not always have to be an executive position. Today, career development is ideally in line with a person’s personality and life goals.

Who benefits from career coaching?

Many takes advantage of professional support to take the next step in an existing employment relationship or to start a new orientation after a professional separation. However, career coaching and associated further development can be taken up regardless of professional status, age, or goals.

It does not matter whether you are a university graduate, re-entering the workforce, changing careers, an up-and-coming manager, a specialist, a jobseeker, or someone looking to change jobs. Even self-employed people are not excluded here, because every now and then it is worth looking from the outside to take a fresh look at your own business.

How does career coaching work?

Very individually. Because the demands on a career coaching are often different. Do not expect miracles without your own intervention. It is a process where you handle the results. You contribute the content; you make the decisions, and you implement them.

Since it is your professional life, you define the starting point and the goal. If both parties decide to work together, we discuss the intended duration of the coaching and agree on how to go ahead.

We accompany you on the way. We provide the tools to make the process and the result successful for you. We support you to achieve your goal,

from revising your application documents, preparing for interviews, or taking the next step on a career ladder. Or something completely different – something very individual.