Internal or external changes may require a company’s management to restructure its staff. Hierarchies are reduced, entire departments are dissolved, companies are closed. The well-being of the often long-serving employees should be the top priority during a restructuring.

In this demanding situation, one not only supports with a financial social plan, but also secures these people the long-term perspective to change professionally with professional support. It therefore also serves to enhance the company’s image.

Coping with change

Personnel changes are always associated with strong emotions for those affected. Lack of understanding and disappointment are just a few possible reactions. For others, there is also fear, uncertainty, and even anger.

Every person reacts differently to changes. Moreover, everyone processes them at different speeds. However, to give a new change a chance, the old must be moved out of the way.

Why outplacement?

Outplacement is understood as separation management. The people affected need to be supported. They need someone who listens to them, understands them, and shows them new perspectives. Outplacement is not only aimed at executives and top management, but at everyone who is looking for professional support for their professional repositioning. While career counseling is a small part of it, outplacement or career transition sees itself as the supreme discipline.

New perspectives through outplacement

The procedure is always tailored to the individual situation. First, earlier successes and their transferability to other areas are worked out. The analysis of the possibilities is followed by the implementation of the professional reorientation on the labor market. Here we accompany with preparatory exercises, but also support with the preparation of application documents and the establishment of a successful networking strategy. Often, a well-founded potential analysis also supplies valuable added insights.

Successful completion of the reorientation

Following initial informal discussions with HR managers and decision-makers, formal interviews and serious job negotiations are on the agenda. After successful contract negotiations, the last step is the preparation for the transfer to a new position.

The advantage of a personnel consultancy

We at aristid Personalberatung have excellent contacts to decision makers in different industries. We are happy to use these contacts to support you in the outplacement process. Not only vacancies, but also our good network helps our outplacement candidates. An invaluable advantage to reach the hidden job market.