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positions with ideal candidates


An in-depth interview and detailed, meaningful information about the requirement profile and the environment sharpen the advertisement, accelerate the search, and increase the chances of success. We create the advertisement and select the proper media. However, our own networks and databases are the real treasure of every personnel consultant.

Direct approach

Difficult positions, shortage occupations, or positions that require rare added training can hardly be filled without a direct search. This is exactly where we can help with our expertise. Even simpler advertisements can be supplemented well with this, as the pool of good candidates is increased.


After a pre-selection of the applications received, the first interviews begin. These take place without the client. Here we get an impression of the professional and human qualifications of the applicants. Accordingly, we recommend only those candidates to you whom we consider suitable in terms of both content and culture.


Now you will get to know the selected candidates in a further round of interviews. We coordinate the appointments and are also present at this round, if desired, to support you in the decision-making process.


We are also happy to contribute our expertise to your final decision-making process, so that you receive the ideal candidate for the advertised position. And if you wish, we can also help you in drawing up the employment contract.