Executive Search

Executive search dates to the early 20th century, and the term is strongly associated with direct search and recruiting. It often refers to executives in key positions. Executive Search is for top executives and up to the board level, who would not typically respond to job advertisements.

Executive Search reinvented

However, in the 21st century, the social media world, with its various online options, has also established a direct search for many other positions. Changes in the professional world, specialization, and shortage of professions have led to a situation in which executive search is no longer exclusively reserved for the search for top managers. The disciplines of Search & Selection and Executive Search are becoming increasingly blurred.

Why direct search?

We use direct approaches for a wide variety of positions. Often even parallel to job advertisements & Co. The CEO, the experienced department manager, the technician for unique professions, engineers, and IT specialists. They are all difficult to find without good networks and direct contacts via career platforms and in-depth industry knowledge.

Even for nurses and all other positions for which the labor supply is scarce due to the required specialized knowledge, executive search is often used. However, it is precisely where industry knowledge is needed.

Top talent management as a basis

We bring all this to the table. In short, we are a good mix of people from
various industries with many years of experience, heart, and attitude. We are constantly seeking contact with top managers from multiple industries. Our excellent network allows us to analyze needs, identify candidates, and exchange ideas with industry insiders to improve the pre-selection process further.

Our contribution to your success

Executive Search is a highly professional personnel search. It is complex and time-consuming. Empathy, experience, and maturity ensure that the entire process is managed professionally and that good candidates do not drop out prematurely to offer you maximum performance and minimum effort in the executive search process. So that at the end particularly suitable employees are found for your company. In mutual trust, we combine long-term personal goals with the company’s future. That is our commitment to your success!