Albert Wex

p +43 664 855 27 25

“Engaged and properly deployed employees are a key success factor of any company!”

Industry focus

Banks, tax consultants, real estate, marketing, HR, services

My background

I am fascinated by topics concerning HR – all the different tasks in working life – all the diverse types of work – and the art of finding “the right lid for every pot.” Recruiting works digitally nowadays, but you still need the “right feel” for clients and candidates. My passion is to find the optimal employees for companies and the optimal job for job seekers. With my experience and my network, I succeed almost every day! My tip: Don’t go into the jungle without a guide.


  • Over 30 years of experience as a manager and in the HR field
  • Countless training in HR-relevant topics
  • Good intuition for people
  • and finally: countless satisfied customers!