Mag. Franz Schuster

p +43 664 445 36 90

“It’s not good until it’s good for everyone!”

Industry focus

Producing industry (metal, chemical, automotive, building material, and more), trade, public sector, and service providers. Functions: Focus on HR, finance, sales, marketing, and admin.
The current personnel requirements of my most long-standing clients are in the foreground – from senior specialists to the management level. The undercover search digitally supported up to a direct professional approach.

My background

Years of experience as an entrepreneur and service provider have left their mark. One knows the economic and personnel challenges extremely well, and it is not difficult to put on the hat of the other. That is what I do precisely. It is not just “a” project for me, but “my” project in which I support you. My education and decades of working with and for people helped me find professionally suitable employees and create the right team fitting with my intuition and knowledge of human nature. If you are looking for such support, I could be the right person for you!


  • Training as a tourism specialist
  • Business studies focus on human resources management
  • 2 years abroad in the USA
  • Founded and managed a tourism company for many years
  • Since 2008 Partner at aristid Personalberatung
  • 64-keys coach