Mag. Georg Poremba

p +43 699 182 459 92

“Always act in a way that creates more opportunities.”

Industry focus

Insurance, reinsurance, IT, wholesale, mechanical and plant engineering, and construction.

My background

Enthusiasm for new things and pioneering spirit have determined my professional career so far – whether in international training projects or as an early mover in the direction of Eastern Europe after 1990. Successful, sustainable organizational development, strategic personnel development, and the corresponding practical operational implementation have sharpened my view of the necessity of professional employee recruitment and development. Humor, creativity, trust, and absolute handshake quality are essential when working with my clients.


  • Mag. phil.
  • export merchant
  • Many years of experience in international training and development management
  • Organizational and personnel development
  • Experience as an executive and supervisory board member in Austrian subsidiaries in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Since 2013 self-employed as a partner at aristid Personalberatung